MirrorFolder 3.0

MirrorFolder 3.0: Real-time and auto-mirroring of folders/drives on local/network/removable drives mirror folder/drive is set up, mirroring will be done in the background without requiring any further effort from the user saving his/her valuable time. * Supports real-time mirroring of folders/drives at system level. It is implemented in a device driver that performs RAID-1 type of mirroring on local/network drives in software on per file basis. It can also mirror exclusively opened files in real-time mode. * Supports automatic synchronization

QuickMirror 1.31: QuickMirror provides quick updating of backups, synchronization, and mirroring.
QuickMirror 1.31

Mirror is a Windows file management utility that quickly transforms destination folders into mirror images of source folders. Variations of mirroring are allowed through basic and advanced options. All mirroring actions can be saved into a log for future review. A preview command enables testing mirroring options on the source and destination folders, and when used with logging, provides a way to see the results of mirroring beforehand. QuickMirror

synchronization, mirroring, backup

MirrorFolder 5.0.280: Real-time folder mirroring/sync and automatic file backup software for Windows.
MirrorFolder 5.0.280

Backup software for automatic synchronization and real-time (RAID-1 type) mirroring of folder/drive from local to another local/network/removable drive. Allows mirroring entire system drive to another internal drive in RAID-1 mode, and booting from the mirror drive. Supports mirroring opened database files in RAID-1 mode, and automatic archiving of older versions of files into separate ZIP files. Easy to setup, and runs as service in background.

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Oval Mirrors 1.0: Oval Mirrors, chmod calculator for IE
Oval Mirrors 1.0

Oval Mirrors chmod calculator for IE. Find bathroom mirrors, floor mirrors, full length mirrors for all your home decorating and remodeling needs. Oval Mirror resources for the DIY.

oval mirrors, chmod calculator

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!Magic Mirror Maker 5.58

Mirror Maker is funny and easy to use photo distorting software. You can distorting your friend or family face and producing surreal effects! Have you ever heard the saying "laugh until you weep"? No! Don`t worry, get Magic Mirror and try a face warp. It`s an entertainment package. Whether yours is a group of friend or children, whether you opt for a face warp or warp picture, Magic Mirror will generate a laugh a minute. Magic Mirror is packed with

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Mirror Mysteries Game 2.0.1: Mirror Mysteries Game is one of 300 Free Games you can download
Mirror Mysteries Game 2.0.1

mirror and understands it is the mirror that has taken her children, locking them away in a magical world. Your quest is to help a determined young mom search for her children in mystical places and return them safely. Can you solve The Mirror Mysteries? Download The Mirror Mysteries for FREE and enjoy: * 7 Enchanted worlds to explore. * Unique hidden object game play. * An exciting quest to save some lost kids and repair the broken Mirrors. Free

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Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror 2: A magic mirror is the key to true love. -- Hidden Object Game
Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror 2

New Treasure Chest: Felix`s Favorites Game!Do you come from royal blood or indentured servitude? Use your sleuthing skills to find out in Hidden In Time: Mirror, Mirror. Having found an antique mirror said to have magical properties, you set off to Castle Fairwich to investigate its shady history and unlock its true potential. Scour dusty rooms in the castle, spot differences reflected in your mirror, and play plenty of unique mini games.

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